Fast Twitch Friday

Everything Explosive
From Plyometrics and Plane Sport Specific Power to Olympic Lifting. This class’s sole purpose is Rate of Force Production. Train slow in the gym you perform slow on the field. Coach Tyler brings a Decade long experience of national level Olympic Weightlifting (USAW). Applies skills and drills used on collegiate athletes as well as Olympic contenders. This class is for any competitive athlete who already has an honorable level of strength. Intermediate & Advanced HS and up invited.


Female Athlete Speed+Strength Training
For any Female Athlete who wants to get Faster,Jump Higher or Gain strength. Whether your a HS athlete chasing a D-1 Scholarship or a Ex athlete who has lost your athleticism. Alycia Carrillo is…


Push, Pull, Squat, Hinge, Locomotion.

No Barbell, Low impact, Basic Calisthenics, Dumbbell, kettlebell, bodyweight suspension trainers blended with Sleds, Carries, Rowers, Ski-Ergs, while also strategically inserting prefab/rehab correctives. From beginner to advanced. Great starting place for the Beginner to develop the aerobic base and master the basic movements of daily life. 


Bench, Squat, Deadlift, OH Press & Basic Body-Weight Mastery.

Bench, Squat, Deadlift, OH Press & Basic Body-Weight Mastery. We utilize large multi-joint Barbell compound movements through the greatest range of motion in order to attack the greatest amount of muscle. Class focus is to develop strength applicable to everyday life and build-muscle for the beach or body armor for the field. Great for anyone who’s goals are Strength & Size!! 

Family Fitness

Coached by our Prenatal/Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist you can expect a Low Impact Full Body Strength and Conditioning workout catered to all levels from Prenatal to Postnatal.  

The entire family is welcome to join in. That’s right, you can bring your little ones to this class! 

With a high focus on core strengthening and the movements of daily life (Push, Pull, Hinge, Squat, and Carry) this class is perfect for the changing bodies women go through as well as getting dads in the best shape of their lives. 

ATB Fitness

High intensity, functional fitness, conducted over broad times and modal domains. Workout ranges from 3 min to 20 plus minutes of skill and strength training as well. Want to learn advanced body weight movements like Handstands or SL Pistol Squats. This class is the sport of fitness. Anyone can come. Great for those looking to take their fitness level to the highest level. Coach mike current Grid Athlete brings a Body-Weight Specialist element like nothing in our area etc 


A child of highly unusual talent or genius. Ages 8-13 Pre High-School.

This class is designed to lay the athletic foundation to last a lifetime. These kids show up to HS looking and performing on a higher level than their peers. Only 2 days a week to keep kids engaged consistently from age 8-13.

Rob Davis Ramp-up Method

30 minutes of Speed, Agility, Quickness for all field/court athletes.

Robs 2017 Highest NFL Combine “The Freak” scores speak for themselves. Robs methods also serve as a CNS Excitation ramp-up for kids to go right into our 5:30 Power-Building group to get their Strength and Body Armor Training. 

 All invited need cleats.

Beach Flex Fitness

Beach Workout and meditation lead by Tanisha at location (Address)

M3 has teamed up with 4points Sheraton to provide the Panhandle’s first ever Beach Group Training workout. Tanisha’s passion for the Beach…

Rob Davis NFL Position-Specific Skill Saturday 

Former 2020 Raiders, Redskins, Eagles Wide-Reciever organizes position-specific skill work for all football players to take their game to the next level. 

All invited. Cleats needed. 

All must pay 20 dollars to drop in. 

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