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M3 Strength & Conditioning
Option 1

Group Training

  • Group training class with programming that fits the M3 fitness model

  • Programming is not individualized but is constantly varied to decrease plateaus and increase your strength and conditioning over time

  • Group training includes up to 12 athletes per class. M3 Strength &Conditioning is a safe, low-risk form of training. It is a hybrid aesthetic/athletic training model rooted in: Starting-strength, Powerlifting, Functional Body Building, Strongman, Gymnastics, and a Dense-Volume-Dose of Cross-fit Conditioning

Personal Training

Option 2

Personal Assistance

  • Individualized programming based on your needs

  • Works with one trainer, while he/she is also coaching up to 3 other clients at the same time

  • Next best option to one-on-one training for a fraction of the cost

  • Some days you may receive 1:1 training depending on the other client’s schedule and your price will never change.

Personal Assistance

Option 3

M3 Personal Training

  • 100% undivided attention from your trainer

  • 1:1 Training

  • Custom program for your specific needs and goals

  • Private training area and full use of all equipment and machines, including belt squat, reverse hyper, glute/ham developer, lat pull, and cable row


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