Founder & Personal Trainer

During his time as a Personal Training Director of 2 commercial gyms in the FWB/Destin area, J.P. realized there was a demographic need for a facility with financial options for all athletes and general fitness enthusiasts. Also having an understanding that it takes about 100 hours to generate genuine fitness, which breaks down to about 3-4 days a week for 6 months, and knowing how costly it could become to the general population was his inspiration in developing a reliable solution. He catered his program for the strong desire to better health and introduced the areas FIRST Private Personal Training. Personal Assistance and Group Training Facility, M3 Strength & Condition. M3 stands alone in the fitness world and provided a results-driven program designed to effectively help everyone at any stage of their life. J.P. is completely dedicated to his passion as a certified coach, mentor, and motivator. He has been in the fitness business for over a decade and truly wants to be able to help everyone at every stage of health. 


“Keep moving forward and never stop.”
Nioh’s Philosophy
Founder & Personal Trainer

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